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The Official Journal of the Korean Academy of Kinesiology 2011;13(1):13-20.
Published online January 30, 2011.
Relation between Physical Education and Movement Education
Hak-Jun Lee
Hallym University
Correspondence:  Hak-Jun Lee,
Email: sportia2000@yahoo.co.kr
Received: 30 November 2010   • Accepted: 16 January 2011

The purpose of this study is to review the relationship between physical education and movement education and to investigate both relations should be transformed into any relationship. In order to clarify the relationship between physical education and movement education.
I was set to two kinds of research questions. One is the relationship between physical education and movement education. the other is how the relationship between physical education and movement education should change in the future. The former is the past and the present status and The letter is the way of the future response.
Discussing on the relationship between physical education and movement education may be presented to the three. It may be presented as follow. (1) physical education = kinesiology education. (2) physical education > exercise education. (3) physical education < movement education. In center of discussion, there is relation between realism and usability in present. The position of the presenter chose (3) physical education < movement education. Beyond the limits of existing physical education, and movement education as an alternative concept including physical education is reasonable. However, when the previous movement education has already caught on a concept of physical education as a model and not consistent with the current situation of the times, there are points of criticism is expected. Movement education meets the needs of the present day and expanding its role and attempt to change the relationship is needed. If it is impossible to switch physical education into movement education. We try to change a small portion. In order to drive that change substantially in the direction may be present in two. One is a change of name of the textbook of high school physical education. The other is a change in the nature of the textbook of physical education. To try change of name and textbook character of physical education in the high school is to promote the gradual expansion. We can do this as an alternative. How far in the last days of physical education was the appropriate course content. The current era of rapidly changing to meet the dimensional changes in the name of the textbook and to change the content of the textbook teaching physical education to explore the era of progressive change is to follow.
In discussing the relationship between physical education and movement education, My position is physical education more specifically and to reduce the area as a movement education. This is the original place of Physical Education survival strategies.
Keywords: Physical education, Movement education, Exercise education, Kinesiology
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