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The Official Journal of the Korean Academy of Kinesiology 2014;16(4):83-92.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.15758/jkak.2014.16.4.83    Published online October 31, 2014.
Effects of Vibration Stimulation Intensity during Whole-body Vibration Exercise on Soleus H-reflex in Hemiplegic Stroke Patients
Dong-Sung Choi
Yonsei University
Correspondence:  Dong-Sung Choi,
Email: cdslove@hanmail.net
Received: 12 September 2014   • Accepted: 25 October 2014
The purpose of this study was to investigate the acute effects of vibration stimulation intensity during whole-body vibration exercise on the soleus H-reflex in hemiplegic stroke patients.
Sixteen hemiplegic stroke patients participated in this study and performed whole-body vibration exercises in 4 different vibration stimulation conditions (0Hz 0 mm, 10Hz 4 mm, 20Hz 4 mm and 27Hz 4 mm). The soleus H-reflex was measured at hemiplegic side during the whole-body vibration exercise. The amplitude of H-reflex, M-wave and H/M max ratio, were compared with one-way repeated measurement analysis of ANOVA (p<0.05) among four different vibration stimulation intensity.
There were the significant differences in the amplitude of H-reflex according to vibration stimulation intensity (F=9.295, p=0.000). H-reflex was significantly lower at 20Hz (p=0.015) and the 27Hz (p=0.006) than at 0Hz. The amplitude of M-wave was similar in all vibration stimulation intensities (F=1.628, p=0.184). There were the significant differences in the amplitude of H/M max ratio according to vibration stimulation intensity (F=9.921, p=0.000). H/M max ratio was significantly lower at 20Hz (p=0.006) and the 27Hz (p=0.001) than at 0Hz.
The results of this study suggest that it might be effective to apply an the vibration stimulation intensity of at least 20Hz or more during whole-body vibration exercise for improvement of neural control ability in hemiplegic stroke patients. Whole-body vibration is most recommend to hemiplegic stroke patients exercise method which provide a positive effect on improvement of neural control ability.
Keywords: whole-body vibration exercise, H-reflex, hemiplegic stroke patient, electromyography, soleus muscle


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