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A Pilot Study for Development of Kinect Sensor-based Muscle Strength Test of the Elderly.
Jee-Young Hong, Hyoun-Joong Kong
Asian J Kinesiol. 2017;19(3):45-51.   Published online July 30, 2017
Effects of Elderly-friendly Remote Exercise Program on the Improvement of Sarcopenic Obesity in Elderly Women
Jee-Young Hong, Jaechung Ghil, Hyoun-Joong Kong
Asian J Kinesiol. 2016;18(3):65-72.   Published online August 30, 2016
Effects of Combined Exercise on the Skeletal Muscle Mass Index and Balance Scale of Elderly Women with Sarcopenia.
Jee-Young Hong, Ji-Hoon Cho
Asian J Kinesiol. 2015;17(3):17-24.   Published online August 31, 2015
Effects of Tai Chi on Gait, Balance Ability, and Ankle Range of Motion in Elderly Women
Gang Zhao, Jong-Hyu Kim, Hyun-Choul Cho, Jee-Young Hong, Seol-Jung Kang
Asian J Kinesiol. 2014;16(4):53-62.   Published online October 31, 2014
Effects of Lumbar Combined Exercise on the Serum Lipid Levels and Inflammatory Factors of the Elderly with Chronic Back Pain
Hyoun-Joong Kong, Jee-Young Hong, Eun-Jin Hwang, Suk-Wha Kim, Jeong-Eun Kim, Sang-Wook Lee
Asian J Kinesiol. 2014;16(3):115-125.   Published online July 31, 2014
Develop a Regression Equation of Health-related Physical Fitness Age of Korean Adults
Jung-Sok Oak, Woo-Young Park, Keun-Ok An, Jee-Young Hong, Chong-Hwan Sung, Hyuk-Soo Shin, Woo-Won Kim, Deog-Jo Jung
Asian J Kinesiol. 2012;14(3):81-92.   Published online July 30, 2012
The Effect of Age and Weight on Equilibrium Function Changes in Women
Jung-Sok Oak, Woo-Young Park, Keun-Ok An, Sang-Hyup Song, Mi-Hyun No, Jee-Young Hong, Hyuk-Soo Shin
Asian J Kinesiol. 2012;14(2):61-71.   Published online April 30, 2012
Effects of Obesity Index, Blood Pressure, Health Fitness, Nutrient Intake on Exercise and Nutrition Education in Hypertension Patents
Seol-Jung Kang, Jong-Cheol Noh, Seong-Jin Kim, Jong-hyu Kim, Seong-Lim Jung, Jee-Young Hong, Min-Ju Kim
Asian J Kinesiol. 2012;14(1):21-32.   Published online January 30, 2012
Influence of Degree of Obesity on Physical Self-efficacy and Body Shape Satisfaction in University Male Students
Jung-Sok Oak, Jee-Young Hong, Keun-Ok An
Asian J Kinesiol. 2011;13(3):23-30.   Published online July 30, 2011
How Can We Make The Legislation of Kinesiologist?
Jung-Sok Oak, Keun-Ok An, Jee-Young Hong
Asian J Kinesiol. 2010;12(4):95-104.   Published online October 30, 2010
The Effect of Prescribing DHEA While Resistance Training on Serum Testosterone Level and Blood Lipid
Sang-Ho Lee, Seong-Jin Park, Sang-Chul Han, Ki-Hong Kim, Ki-Sung Yu, Chang-Bin Kong, Sang-Hyup Song, Jee-Young Hong
Asian J Kinesiol. 2010;12(2):89-96.   Published online April 30, 2010
The Effects of 12-Weeks Aerobic Exercise in Elder Hypertension Patients on Pulse Pressure and Heart Rate Variability
Seol-Jung Kang, Byoung-Roh Kim, Seong-Jin Kim, Jong-Hyu Kim, Jong-Cheol Noh, Sang-hyun Lee, Jee-Young Hong
Asian J Kinesiol. 2009;12(1):47-54.   Published online January 30, 2010


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