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The Official Journal of the Korean Academy of Kinesiology 2014;16(3):87-96.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.15758/jkak.2014.16.3.87     Published online July 31, 2014.
Effects of 10 Weeks Combined Exercise on Metabolic Syndrome Related Factors and Inflammatory Factors of Obese Women
Su-Ill Oh, Ye-Seon Hwang, Min-Joo Rhyu
Kangwon National University
Correspondence:  Ye-Seon Hwang,
Email: ssan770305@hanmail.net
Received: 10 February 2014   • Accepted: 19 July 2014
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of combined exercise program on obese middle-aged women's metabolic syndrome related factors and inflammatory factors[WBC(White Blood Cell), GGT(γ-glutamyl Transferase), UA(Uric Acid)] for 10 weeks.
The subjects were consisted of a metabolic syndrome group(23 persons) and a normal group(17 persons) according to the status of metabolic syndrome among 40 middle-aged women who were currently obese or on the boundary of obesity. The exercise program consisted of aerobic exercise using stationary bikes and resistance exercise including sit-ups, leg lifting, push-ups, sitting down and up, lifting the heel, etc for 10 weeks, 3 times a week, 70 minutes (warm-up; 5 minutes, main exercise; 60 minutes, cool-down; 5 minutes).
According to the results of metabolic syndrome related factors, significant difference between groups was shown in all items (Glucose, W/H, blood pressure, TG, HDL-C). And with regard to difference between periods, significant difference in systolic blood pressure and HDL-C was shown. In case of inflammatory factors, significant difference between groups was shown in WBC, GGT, and UA. The correlation and regression results of metabolic syndrome related factors and inflammatory factors showed that Glucose and TG had positive correlation with WBC in metabolic syndrome group, and had influence of 12% and 20.4% respectively.
Owing to the combined exercise performed for 10 weeks, positive results were shown in systolic blood pressure and HDL-C among metabolic syndrome related factors, but it was impossible to find meaningful results in inflammatory factors. However, all of WBC, GGT, and UA showed a decreasing trend. Accordingly, it is thought that a positive effect can be expected if exercise is performed for a long time..
Keywords: combined exercise, metabolic syndrome related factors, inflammatory factors


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